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Perth Festival | Spinifex Gum

Chevron Lighthouse

  • Saturday, 8 Feb 2020 - 8:30PM

Celebrate the passion and talent of our Indigenous youth with Spinifex Gum. Marliya – an ensemble of Aboriginal and Torres Strait teenage singers – come together with The Cat Empire’s Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill and special guest artists for a powerful collaboration of voice, sound, movement and change.

Lush choral vocals performed with exuberant energy blend with hard-hitting urban rhythms and uncompromising lyrics for a fresh sound that is built from the ancient culture of the Pilbara but is totally the music of today. Don’t miss this topical and inspiring all-Australian gig.


Tickets and more information available via Perth Festival, click here


Doors open 8:30pm

Presented by Perth Festival