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The Big Splash

Swimming into town from 20 January  – 4 March 2018 in iconic locations around Perth. This interactive art display will be a spectacular sculpture trail for all to enjoy, and taking the family for a day out to visit the dolphins will be a must-do activity.

Perth Concert Hall amongst other iconic locations around Perth will participate in Perth Children’s Hospital’s mental health awareness initiative, The Big Splash dolphin trail.

The dolphin trail is a mass public art exhibition raising awareness for mental health with 36 individually unique life-sized dolphin sculptures painted by various Australian artists, as well as activities based around each.

The initiative is intended to encourage conversations around adolescent mental health, providing young people with information on what help is available.

A mobile phone application will be available for the public to participate in the experience, with a map to locate each dolphin, information about each dolphin’s artist, unlocking rewards and information regarding mental health.

The dolphin sculpture to be placed at Perth Concert Hall is entitled ‘Go Bananas!’ designed by artists Anna Pesti and Devan Job.

Pesti and Job’s dolphin sculpture encapsulates the notion of letting ones imagination run free with a reminder to laugh at the outrages as it’s brought from the most unexpected things.

Post The Big Splash initiative, each sculpture will be auctioned off with net proceeds and funds from the various activities going towards the Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Funds collected throughout the initiative will allow clinical experts to initiate innovative programs needed to engage adolescents with severe mental health disorders, along with those who are at risk of mental health problems.


For more information, visit: The Big Splash WA