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Please Please Me!

Beatle Boys & Orchestra

The perfect union of The Beatle Boys with live orchestration by The West Australian Symphony Orchestra


With The Beatle Boys creating a buzz by returning to the Perth Concert Hall for their show Beatles Orchestrated III on 14 April 2018, we at the Hall and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra got chatting about our favourite Beatles hits and misses.

What is your favourite song?

Dee: There are way too many to just have one. I love a lot of the chart toppers, like ‘Hey Jude’, ‘I Want To Hold your Hand’, ‘All My Loving’, ‘She Loves You’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’.

Megan: I’m a big fan of ‘In My Life’, and ‘Your Bird Can Sing’.

Alanna: Hands down, ‘Across the Universe’ – it’s such a beautiful song.

Emily: Easy. ‘Ticket to Ride’.


Best era for the Beatles?

Alanna: I love them all – but if I had to choose, the later-era Beatles. When they stopped touring it meant they could really take time to experiment in the studio and that’s where they were able to make some extremely interesting music.

Emily: Early on before the 70s took them on a wild trip.

Cara: Early 60s. Beatlemania, US visit, the Hard Day's Night mockumentary – what more do you want?

Megan: All of them – their genius just kept unfolding in every era. But their dance songs from 1963 (of the ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ vibe) never fail to put me in a good mood.

Most loved album?

Megan: Abbey Road, it’s a masterpiece from beginning to end.

Cara: Magical Mystery Tour! It’s such genius.

Dee: 1(One) – it’s got all my favourites in one album.

Alanna: What an impossible question to answer! Probably ‘Let It Be’ (Naked).

The Beatles on Tour

Favourite band member?

Cara: John Lennon, for all of his activism, collaborations with Yoko & general good vibes.

Dee: George Harrison – Loved his later work / collaborations with Eric Clapton and diving into the world of Indian music with Ravi Shankar – his appreciation for it. He seemed like not only a man of music, but a man who loved to have other worldly experiences under his belt.

Alanna: John Lennon because he’s a phenomenal songwriter and also because of his political activism.

Megan: George Harrison. Gotta keep an eye on the quiet ones.


Have you ever been to a Beatles Tribute concert before?

Megan: I haven’t attended one but I performed in the orchestra for a Beatles tribute concert in 2017 and it was great fun! 10/10 would again!

Alanna: I saw Paul McCartney live earlier this year which was mind-blowing! I’ve not seen a tribute act – but can imagine that it would be so much fun!

Dee, Cara & Emily: No – but we want to!


Beatles Orchestrated III is at Perth Concert Hall on 14 April 2018. Tickets still available  – plus receive a FREE CD worth $30 with every ticket purchased!