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PCH Pick Me Ups: Teach a Skill

012920 FN Blog Fool You(Image credit: Musicnotes)

In our first instalment of PCH Pick Me Ups, we suggested using your time in self-isolation to learn a new skill. If you’re already skilled in a particular area, why not also use this time to teach others your craft? Teaching is a great way to share your passion, inspire others and deepen your own knowledge.

We’ve come up with three different ways that you can start imparting your wisdom to others – no sign-up fees or formal qualifications necessary!

Teach a friend

Teaching a friend or family member a new skill is not only a mutually beneficial exercise but also a great way to bond. Sitting down with someone – whether it be 1.5 meters apart in your living room or in separate houses over video call – and teaching them something you’re passionate about can help you develop a stronger connection with that person. If what you’re teaching them is a hobby of yours, you also can look forward to doing it together once restrictions on are over!  

So that things don’t feel one-sided, have a think about whether there’s something they can teach you in return, even if it’s something small.

Teach an online class

This option requires a little more dedication than the previous one but has real financial incentives. Thanks to the power of the internet, just about anyone with a teachable skill can earn money teaching online classes. We’ve recommended Skillshare and Udemy on our blog before as great platforms for learning new skills, but they’re both also great options for teaching. Both allow you to earn money and neither require you to have any formal qualifications or pay any fees to start teaching.

Teach the world

If you’re less interested in teaching others directly but still want to share some of the tricks of your trade, why not start a blog or a YouTube channel dedicated to your skill? While formal lessons or one-on-one tutoring might provide more a well-rounded learning experience, these days a lot of people instinctively turn to Google or YouTube when wanting to learn how to do something. Because creating a blog or YouTube channel doesn’t require you to film or even identify yourself, this is also a great option for those who are prone to camera-shyness!

If this blog post inspired you to teach a skill, make sure to snap a picture, post it on Instagram and tag @perthconcerthall. We’d love to share it and keep the positive vibes going!