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PCH Pick Me Ups: Get Crafty

Social distancing procedures are now in full swing, meaning you’ve probably been stuck indoors for a while and will be for the near future. If that’s the case for you, it would come as no surprise if your motivation levels are now at an all-time low, while your boredom levels are shooting through the roof. Doing crafts is an amazing way to focus your mind on something, feel productive and end up with a finished product you can be proud of, all while having fun! 

We’ve rounded up five simple but fun craft projects that you can easily do at home. Most of these don’t require any special tools or equipment and many of them can be done with things you probably already have lying around.


The traditional Japanese art of paper folding has been around for centuries and only requires one thing (paper!), making it the most accessible craft on this list. While origami is typically done using coloured or patterned paper, just about any paper will do – even scrap paper, newspaper or notebook paper is fine. If you’re new to origami, have a go at these 10 simple origami projects for beginners.

Origami(Image credit: Justine Hand for Remodelista)


With social distancing regulations in place and winter just around the corner, what better time to whip out some knitting needles and start working on a new cosy creation? Wool and the Gang has a great selection of knitting and crochet kits for stylish clothing, accessories and homeware (complete with wool, needles and patterns) as well as free patterns on their website. 

Knitting(Image credit: Getty Images)


The joy of baking is two-fold: it’s fun and you end up with something (hopefully) delicious at the end. Plus, when things eventually go back to normal, you’ll be able to impress your friends, family and co-workers with your finely tuned baking skills. Since shopping trips should be limited and some products are hard to come by, you may want to stick to recipes with minimal ingredients. Check out these deceptively simple dessert recipes which look fancy but only require five ingredients each.

Baking(Image credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post)

Make a DIY Planter

Nothing brightens up a dull room quite like a houseplant – except for a houseplant in a gorgeous planter! Since you’ll be spending more and more time indoors, why not use some of that time to spruce up your living space? There is a huge selection of resources on Pinterest that will teach you how to transform everyday household objects like empty tinsshampoo bottles and candle jars into beautiful planters. 

DIY Planters(Image credit: The Crafted Sparrow)

Cross stitch 

Cross stitch is making a comeback! This form of hand embroidery is easy to learn and a great way to relax while also keeping your hands busy. Like the aforementioned DIY planters, a finished cross stitch design makes a beautiful home accessory. If you’ve never done embroidery before, have a look on Etsy for a simple cross stitch kit. If written instructions aren’t making sense to you, there are also plenty of helpful YouTube tutorials for cross stitch beginners.

Cross Stitch(Image Credit: LittleBeachHut)

If this blog post inspired you to get crafty, make sure to snap a picture of your creation, post it on Instagram and tag @perthconcerthall. We’d love to share it and keep the positive vibes going!