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New to classical music? How to get acquainted!

31 Aug blog post classical music
(Photo courtesy ABC Classic, Getty Images: Westend61)

During the past few months, we've been yearning for concert-going and when we haven't been able to attend as many concerts as usual, we turn to our headphones and tune into our favourite radio station or Spotify playlist. It can be all too easy to listen to the same old tracks and go to what's comfortable, but sometimes, it can be fun to branch out. We are always chatting about how we can get younger audiences into the hall to enjoy the sounds of our favourite orchestra, WASO, or other classical ensembles that play at the Hall throughout the year - but what if you don't know much (or anything) at all about Classical music as a genre. It is a wide and complex body of music that spans hundreds of years. And you're certainly not alone if you're wondering where to start!

Much like art, classical music can be really cumbersome to get into and it takes a lot of time and sometimes it's just easier to shy away from the unknown. 
Recently, we were delighted to stumble upon this great article from ABC Classic FM that had a few helpful tips on how to get acquainted with this vast and beautiful genre of music. 
You could be looking for companionship on your morning commute, be in search of inner peace, or need something to get you into the zone for studying to or even tame that rambunctious toddler. From original scores to remixed masterworks by more contemporary artists, there most certainly something to fit your bill.

Read the full article from ABC Classic FM here!

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