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Mug Shot #1

The Curious Case of the Mug Thief at Perth Concert Hall - Instalment One


Evelyn Mug Shot

A sneaky mug thief has been in operation at the Perth Concert Hall recently. To establish mug ownership we’ve had to correlate stories about our favourite mugs and the vessels they like to drink out of.

First from the line-up is Evelyn, our receptionist and administration officer. She greets all visitors to the Hall in business hours and generally knows a little (usually a lot!) about everything going on at the hall. Not much gets past her, which is why she is suspect Number One – she might be hiding something, or someone…


Length of employment: Almost 2 years

Suspect 1’s favourite thing about working at the Hall: The great passionate people we work with, from all walks of life.

Favourite mug beverage: Tea

Mug story: A Christmas present from a friend – love of tea is widely known, hence the large size of her mug

Favourite performance at the Hall: Simone Young: 20 Years with WASO – such strength and power conveyed through conducting

Top 5 songs:

  1. Zombies – Bad Wolves,
  2. Gasoline – Halsey,
  3. Lifelines – I Prevail,
  4. You Can Count On Me – Trophy Eyes,
  5. Believer – Imagine Dragons

Is she the mug thief? You be the jury! Check out our ‘Staff Picks’ playlist on Spotify to listen to Evelyn's top 5 songs, and keep up with the remaining suspects on our Instagram and blog over the next few days.

P.S. These aren't serious accusations!