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Mug Shot #3

The Curious Case of the Missing Mugs at Perth Concert Hall - Instalment Three

Alanna mugshot 1

A sneaky mug thief has been in operation at the Perth Concert Hall recently. To establish mug ownership we’ve had to correlate stories about our favourite mugs and the vessels they like to drink out of. 

Our third suspect, is Marketing Co-ordinator Alanna. Ever the bright, sparkling and happy personality around the office, is it possible that she has a criminal side?


Length of employment: Only 9 months - still relatively ‘fresh’.

Favourite mug beverage: Double Espresso!

Favourite thing about working at the Hall: The people and the diversity – no two days are the same!

Favourite performance at the Hall: Could only narrow to the Top Three:

  1. WASO and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s Carnival of the Animals
  2. Nicole Car with the Australian Chamber Orchestra
  3. WASO and Megan Washington

Mug story: A spontaneous gift left on the front porch of her home by friends who have since moved to Tasmania. Previously had a motion activated speaker in the bottom – currently inactive due to dishwasher ‘accident’.

Top songs (if you'd like to hear them on Spotify, click song title):

1.      Robyn – Dancing on my Own 

2.      Chela – Romanticise 

3.      Tanaya Harper – Graceless 

4.      Totally Mild – Today Tonight 

5.      Taylor Swift - Delicate 


Is Alanna the mug thief? You be the jury! Check out our ‘Staff Picks’ playlist on Spotify to listen to Alanna’s top songs, and keep up with the remaining suspects on our Instagram and Blog over the next few days.

P.S. These accusations aren't serious!