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In conversation with WA Youth Orchestra's Conductor: Peter Moore

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Peter Moore, conductor of the WA Youth Orchestra.

The WA Youth Orchestra, an annual resident at the Perth Concert Hall have returned once again in 2020, bringing back classic staples mixed with their fun and more contemporary pieces.

Once again leading the Orchestra for the upcoming Evolution performance to be held at the Hall this September, is Conductor Peter Moore (pictured). We recently had a chat with Peter to learn a bit more about this incredibly talented group of music students, plus how you can get in! 

The WA Youth Orchestra will be performing at Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 26th September, 7:30pm. 

How long have you been conducting the WA Youth Orchestra?
I’ve been with the WA Youth Orchestra for 30+ years! During that time, we have toured in Japan and Europe. We do Regional tours as well but reality is, we always go back to Perth Concert Hall because it really is the best hall in Australia and it’s our (WA Youth Orchestra’s) hall!


Tell me a little bit about some highlights of the repertoire in the upcoming Evolution concert?
The first half is bit of star wars, Jurassic park. Not only are these pieces extremely popular but we put it in with the argument to remain appropriate to appeal to the younger generation hearing this music and appealing to them - it is very exciting!

The organ symphony is really beautiful. And the organ at the Concert Hall is spectacular.  It is one of those pieces that really always sells tickets. People want to hear it. It’s the Symphony No.3, o9p. 78 in C minor c Written by Camille Saint-Saens, who is french – it is a lovely tune that was the French equivalent of Beethoven’s choral symphony and contains the Organ Symphony. It’s played by young people and that gives it this youthful aspect which is a plus for the piece as are most of the pieces that they play. And the quality of playing is really very good! We are able to put together this concert in around 10-12 rehearsals!

For young musicians and anyone who has young children that play an instrument that want to be a part of this incredible Orchestra, tell us about how they can get in!
The youth orchestra is open to anyone between ages 13-25 and 30 for anyone who is a full-time music student. It is reauditioned every year and the process is totally independent. We have many WASO players come in and they choose who goes in each year. So someone who may have been in the Orchestra 2 years in a row may be replaced by someone else the next year based on their independent audition.

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WA Youth Orchestra rehearsing at Perth Concert Hall, led by Conductor Peter Moore.