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Changes in the Hall

Reception perspex 480 x 320

From our temporary home offices, we have to admit, we sure do miss the pre-concert buzz of patrons chatting as they stream into the Hall's doors, excitedly waiting outside the auditorium doors with a pre-concert cocktail before for a WASO concert or much anticipated international gig. While we wait just a little bit longer, there have been a few murmurings of life here at the hall that we wanted to fill you in on. Get excited, shows here in the heart of the city will be returning very soon! In the meantime, we're so pleased our Box Office is back open to the public. Here's a glance at our foyer with slick new Perspex, markers and bollards to make your visit safe and easy - read on for all the details on how we're making it safe for all our visitors! And here's an inside scoop on other recent changes around the hall!

Music in the Hall again!

The last several weeks have brought our good friends at the West Australian Symphony Orchestra back onto the stage during the day in small groups recording their newest digital series the Ensemble Editions; all with the help of our uber-talented in-house Production and Orchestral Operations team and various lighting and sound specialists who have been hard at work facilitating these performances, getting the angles, lighting and sound to a perfect professional grade so that we can help deliver classical chamber music to folks at home – and #letthemusicplayon.  This new digital series can be viewed each Friday for the next several weeks here!


EE blog picture 298 x 170                                                              

  WASO ensemble recording their digital Ensemble Edition

Keeping our ‘Brutal’ beautiful!

During your isolation days surfing the social channels, you may have been keeping up with our Flashback Friday Facebook Posts on our Facebook page. It’s been a lot of fun revisiting the past and having longtime patrons write in with their own memories of visiting during the early days of the hall's opening. You may have learned from these posts that the building was erected in the early 70s, so as the years go by, our team here take great care to maintain and update where needed. The latest makeover is to the handrails in the auditorium which will greatly assist patrons who may have mobility issues to navigate their way up and down the stairs in the Rear Stalls area. The handrails also enhance the look of the venue but at the same time are in keeping in line with the original Brutalist look and feel of the our beautiful building. Check out a before and after.


                                     before 298 x 170
After handrail 298 x 170                                                 

Before and after the handrail install!

The Dino Days are over...

For a few of our giant creatures at least! Since winter 2016 we've been lucky enough to be the home to a few dinosaurs until recently when a few have had to make the exit in time for the reopening of the new WA Museum. The beautiful giants we've had to say goodbye to are two cast skeletons of now extinct megafauna – a short-faced kangaroo and a Diprotodon, and a giant marsupial closely related to modern wombats. 

And in only a few day's time we will say good-bye to our biggest occupant - Muttaburrasaurus. He's had the largest presence here on the 4th level overlooking St. Georges Terrace - quite literally.   

We've been extremely honoured to house part of this collection for the museum which has provided a lot of fun for children and families who come to the WASO Cushion Concerts or those who attend the Morning Symphonies, to the pop-concert goers who have recognised and enjoyed a little slice of the Museum's collection. 


 Dino 170 x 298298 x 170 dinosaur large 298 x 170 dinosaur flying3

Our resident dinosaurs on display here at Perth Concert Hall. 

We hope to see you here soon! In the meantime, be well! 

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