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5 minutes with Matt Gresham!

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Matt Gresham sits down with us for a Q&A at Perth Concert Hall

 He's an Aria-winning singer-songwriter and an extremely nice guy. Matt recently paid us a visit ahead of us debut at Perth Concert Hall on Friday 21 August at 8pm. His show will be the first back on our stage in a while, with in an intimate setting that's sure to wow in the grand acoustics of our Hall. He'll be showcasing songs from his latest album, 'The Gift 999'.

We sit down with Matt to discover where he draws his inspiration, what it's like to tour the globe and also find out what he read during lockdown.
Read on for the full interview!

It's been a pretty crazy 2020 - how did you spend your time during lockdown here in WA? Did you write any new music? 
I spent a lot of time creating new beats, a lot of instrumental beats in particular. And I read a lot. I've reread this book by Ekhart Toll, the Power of Now and this art book I picked up in Berlin about the artist Gerhard Richter. 

You've toured internationally and even landed a record deal in Germany and played at SXSW in Austin, Texas which is a huge showcase for emerging musicians - of all your gigs, what stands out as one of your more memorable overseas experiences while on tour? 
Hotel Café in LA. I opened up for David Ryan Harris - he's worked really closely with John Mayer and has written a lot of his songs. And John Mayer showed up on the night, too. I really admire both their music so that was a great experience to play there. 

We read somewhere that you have been known to get a tattoo to remind you of places you've been - is that true?
I'm sensitive to the energies of new places and when I travel I can really feel the energy and the past of that place. Places like the Astor Theatre - it's this really old space and for me it feels like it's got a lot of energy there, and the same with Perth Concert Hall - I want to experience playing in this space with the amazing energy here. And maybe I'll get a Perth Concert Hall tattoo on the night, we'll see! 

Which of your songs are you looking forward to performing here at the Hall the most and why?
Vincent by Don McClean. This song touches on the state of mental health, and I think that's really relevant right now. 


Your concert will be the first back at the Hall in a while, which people are really excited about - what's the most exciting aspect about playing here at the Hall for you (minus the amazing acoustics here!)?
When I first saw Ben Harper here, it's been haunting me ever since! I just have to feel what's in that room! 

Do you have any pre-concert rituals? 
I always read from the Bible and also, I take an hour of silence by myself, to find my calm. 

Favourite karaoke song?
Small Town by John Mellencamp!

 Tickets available for Matt Gresham 'The Gift 999', Friday 21 August, 2020 here.  

Spotify playlist here.

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