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Brendon Ellmer 

General Manager


Lorraine Rice 

Deputy General Manager


Sushila Bhudia

Accounts Officer


Penelope Briffa

Events Manager


Brad Matthews

Operations Manager


Alex Spartalis

Head of Lighting


Bruce Gaw

Maintenance Officer


Paul Richardson

Presentation Coordinator


Josie Aitchison

Tim Chandler 

Vanessa Woolley

Ticketing Client Account Managers


Eleanor Aitchison

Alana Arnold

Cheryl Butler

Leticia Cannell

Mary-Louise Carbone

Helen Gortmans

Emily Kennedy

Talei Louie

Rebekah Ryan

Kaitlin Tinker

Beverley Trolio

Customer Service and Sales Representatives


Ryan Sandilands

Marketing Coordinator


Sarah Salleo

Reception & Administration