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Behind the Scenes @ Perth Concert Hall with Talei

21 April 2017

| 10 Questions in 10 Minutes |
Perth Concert Hall's Ticketing Client Accounts Team Member, TALEI 


(Talei in front of Melbourne Artist Tom Sander's mural created in 1973, situated in the Perth Concert Hall's main lobby) 

Perth Concert Hall’s shows would not be what they are without our Ticketing Client Accounts Team. Literally. This amazing team at the hall handle the ticketing requirements for upcoming, present and past events.  

Their role involves liaising with multiple parties internally and externally to offer personalised ticketing solutions that are best suited for clients. They build the shows on the Hall's ticketing system as well as reporting on and settling performances. Constantly working from the very start of a show’s creation to its conclusion.

This week, we caught up with Talei, one of our sweetest staff members here at the Hall that always brings in the fun. We grabbed the low down on the interesting aspects of her job, what she’s excited to see next in the Hall and had a bit of fun with some not Hall related questions.

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Behind the Scenes @ Perth Concert Hall with Jerome

15 March 2017

10 Questions in 10 Minutes | Heyder & Shears Executive Chef, Jerome Durham

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                                                                                                                (Executive Chef Jerome Durham)

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Perth Concert Hall pushes 'hub' role - The West Australian

6 July 2016

The following is an article wrote by Aimee Hughes and published by The West Australian on 29 June, 2016. 

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Dinosaurs and megafauna in the limelight at Perth Concert Hall

30 May 2016

From the red desert of Australia to the red carpet of the Perth Concert Hall, a collection of objects showcasing Australia’s ancient history are now on display in the Perth Concert Hall foyer.

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Meet the Artist: DivaLicious with Penny Shaw

25 May 2016

An Interview with Perth's Opera talent, Penny Shaw

DivaLicious - the ultimate team up of Penny Shaw and Fiona Smyth comes to Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 14 June to host our final performance in the Morning Music Series. Ahead of the concert we had a quick little Q&A with wonderfully talented Penny Shaw. 

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Meet the Artist: Libby Hammer and Ali Bodycoat

28 April 2016

An Interview with Perth's jazz darlings, Libby Hammer and Ali Bodycoat

Libby Hammer and Ali Bodycoat will be Bringing Back Bacharach with their velvety voices in a tribute performance to the king of 1960s easy-listening pop!

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Meet the Artist: Cottontail Trio

17 March 2016

An Interview with Amy Rosato, singer, Cottontail Trio

With the first concert of our Morning Music Series coming up, we thought we'd introduce you to our performing artists!

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'Without Borders' – Photography exhibition by Médecins Sans Frontieres

9 February 2016

Médecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) are presenting a photography exhibition at Perth Concert Hall, 'Without Borders', open for public viewing from Wednesday, 10 February.

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WASO Box Office now at Perth Concert Hall

11 November 2015

On 9 November 2015, the WASO Customer Service and Box Office team moved from their Hay Street office to WASO’s performance home, Perth Concert Hall. Now you are able to purchase your WASO tickets and tickets to any other events and performances at Perth Concert Hall from the box office at Perth Concert Hall. The box office will operate Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and 90 minutes prior to performances in the Ground Floor (Level 1) Foyer.

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Wesfarmers Art Collection

15 May 2015

Earlier this month Perth Concert Hall was delighted to have the Terrace level brought to life thanks to an installation of artworks that are a part of Wesfarmers Art Collection.

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